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Looking for program like Autodesk Impressions?

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Does anybody know if there's a program that exists like Autodesk Impressions, or maybe a plugin? I'm creating a map of an RV park that my friend owns and want a better look, kind of like a crayon look and much better gradient options. I'm trying to stay out of gIMP or Inkscape but I may be going this route after all. Which ultimately is fine, just seeing what's out there.


I do know there's the installer still available but it's giving me problems because of it's legacy EXE. Thanks in advance!



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Looks like you want 2D, correct? If so an "oldie but a goodie" would be M-Color


Starts at $595


Sure you can do a lot of this with Acad now and photo editing software but I think M-Color makes it a bit easier.


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