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Array problem

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Hi All,



trying to draw something using path array.



I've attached part of the drawing. I want the objects to have a 2mm space between them.



any how or info on how to do this would be hugely greatful


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I see a couple of problems. 1) The path is not continuous (i.e. - it is a series of separate lines and arcs). 2) The first, short, line segment does not connect to the first arc segment.


Why do you want such a small space between the objects given the shape of your 3D solid (identified as a "car_top")?


I would recommend that you first move the line segment into the proper position. Next I would use the PEDIT or JOIN command to make your lines and arcs (I think there is even a single lightweight polyline too) into one continuous polyline. Reposition the car top relative to the beginning of the line and invoke the ARRAY command.

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Here's what I was able to accomplish. For the sake of clarity I made the path layer white and the car_top layer magenta. Having both objects the same dark color just doesn't work for me.


Top down view in 2Dwireframe visual style.


A portion of the array along the path.



Closeup of array in a straight segment of the path.



Closeup of array at beginning of path. See what is happening with the corners of the "car_top" as it makes the turn?


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Thanks for the input ReMark. I see what you mean by the corners.



This is a segment of a piece of machinery I seen. It's a carousel, which is a loop around a warehouse.



If I move the base point, would it prevent the corners overlapping?

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