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Automatic Save Gets Turned Off

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Working in Acad 2015, I go into the TOOLS/OPTIONS/OPEN and SAVE and check the box for automatic save and set a time (10 minutes) click apply, then ok. All is well for several weeks maybe a month or more then somehow the automatic save gets turned off. I go back in to check and the automatic save box is unchecked and the time is set at 0.


Am I somehow inadvertently turning it off with some misplaced key strokes? The only way I know to turn it off is to go into the tools and uncheck the automatic save box.


Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

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The culprit may be Windows updates. They have been known to reset some system variables. I can only suggest to check it once in awhile.


Hummmm..............didn't think of that. You may be right, I've noticed a couple of other "quirks" that have shown up recently.

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I think it must be something with the updates. Friday at quitting time everything was ok, this morning when I came in I checked and sure enough the setting has been cleared.

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Do they run registry cleaners where you work? Do you have some third party AutoCAD add-ons? Run any LISP?


I find it unlikely a Windows update causes this so frequently, though I guess it's still possible, try turning off Automatic updates.


Do you have all service packs, hotfixes, etc. for AutoCAD 2015?


Ctrl+S is all you need anyway.


You might try THIS.

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We were having a problem with autosave turning off up until ACAD 2016. The lisp that SLW210 links to above works amazing.

It was with that lisp that we found out running publish was turning it off (at least here in this office). I figured it was a setting to prevent an autosave running while a publishing is going and possibly causing your ACAD to freak out and lag or crash.

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