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Trying to cut a section through my Plantroom Model

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Hi, i am trying to cut a section through my plantroom model that i have received from my client. Unfortunately i am constantly getting the error message below. Is there a simple solution that i am missing?


''None of the created elements are visible in Floor Plan: -1 100 Basement - M Working View View. You may want to check the active view, its Parameters, and Visibility settings, as well as any Plan Regions and their settings.''


I am still relatively new to the Revit world having made the switch over from AutoCad only last month.


Thanks in advance

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Revit gives you "error messages" that seem like they're errors, but they're really not. It's just Revit's way of notifying you of something. Problem is, most newcomers don't know what the problem is, let alone how to resolve it.


What's happening is the Section is simply hidden in the View, and Revit's telling you that, while the Section technically was created, the Section Callout symbol isn't visible, aka "hidden". The link above gives you the steps to hammer down how to make it visible. I would check the Visibility/Graphics category or filter to see if it's unchecked.


Welcome to Revit, enjoy the endeavor.



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