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Convert many small segments of pline into one solid geometry

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I'm new to this forum, but I've got alot of help from you guys when searching for a solution to my problem earlier.


This time I cant really find what I'm looking for. Hope someone could help me out.

As the title says, the lines in my attached dxf (the handle) consists of plenty very small segments of plines.


I want to assemble this dxf with many others to make a complete construction in Fusion 360, but the curved geometry and also the straight lines appears not smooth. Is there any way to make this geometry like one solid line forming the whole geometry?


Many thanks in advance



Del 3.dxf

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There are probably more tools.

This one set reduces them to by 1/3

Why don't you just draw a new and better definition?


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Hi! Thank you for showing me that option! I'll check that out. But the problem is that Fusion 360 has a problem handling the geometry. Lot of lag, maybe because of the vertexes. Of course a pretty fair solution to this is to draw the geometry all from scratch.


I'm pretty new in using ACAD like this. I just thought it could exist a quick fix for this. But as I understand I'll never get rid of those vertexes.



Thank you for taking time to answer me on this one,



Tor Christian

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