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Part list / Balloon question (AutoCAD 2008)

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This is my first post. Just want to say the forum has been a great source of help for me and I'm very grateful for it.


Now on to my little question.


I have a drawing which contains valves of different sizes. They are all blocks and each has an attribute that describes the type of valve and the size (something like this DN100 Ball Valve).


I want to create a parts list (BoM) and display it as a table in the drawing. I managed to create the table with the "eattext" and it shows up nice. But what I don't know how or if it's even possible, is to add balloon numbering to every valve and then have the number show up in the table.


So it would be something like this:


1 - DN100 Ball Valve - 2 pcs

2 - DN80 Ball Valve - 3 pcs



where the number in front of each row is the actual balloon number.


I used Inventor a lot and it was very easy to do this, but now I'm limited to AutoCAD and was wondering if I can still do it as it would really ease up the work process.

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So you want a valve number incrementing every time you add a valve, can it be part of the valve block makes life so much easier as its another attribute. You use a add a block compare to a list go find last number and add 1. www.lee-mac.com has a real nice number increment lisp.

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But I would also like to link that valve number to the balloon. I'm not sure I explained it very good. Each valve has a balloon attached to it and inside there's the number of the valve. I'll link a picture and maybe that will clear things up a bit.




So each part has a number, which then shows up as the Item number in the parts list table.


Is that possible in AutoCAD 2008?

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