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Survey: Is there "One Best" way?

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Is there "One Best" way to do things? Workflow-wise, or sheet set-up, etc.


Sure, some workflows... or, rather, ways of doing things... are better than others. And the program itself (I use Civil 3D) can change a way you do something because there's an improvement there. But, to me a lot of things are simply user preference, and will always will be.


For example: You start a project at Point A, and Point Z is the end product. Two different people might have a different established process and the path for a few of the points in between will diverge and take a slightly different route.


I'm not suggesting that company standards are to be ignored. And I'm not saying that the end product should be unworkable. Standards and things like styles are very helpful and streamline the process quite a bit, but to me the notion that everybody on a project do everything the exact same way is unrealistic. Not everybody's mind work the same way, not everybody is at the same skill level, and so on.


Thoughts? I sense that I might get some disagreement on this one, but am not sure.

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Not sure what level of granularity you're asking about.


I had a boss who would give me a plan with his markups. I was supposed to use a highlighter to check off which markups I had done. For me it was easier to make the changes and then check them off. However. He would come back and take the plan before I finished, then complain because I hadn't checked off anything.


So the "best way" for me was not the same as for the boss. How do you decide which prevails? Everyone wants the work to get done.

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