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Lofting a hollow tube along a centerline.


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I have the beginning and ending elements of a tube. It seems like I should be able to loft the cross sections to create a tapered and offset tube.


With rails selected I sometimes get the inner diameter to project in a straight line between the surfaces, but when I click OK I get an error, create loft feature failed.


One time I was able to select the centerline as a path and saw the inner surface follow the curve, but usually when I click on the centerline icon in the loft window the preview of the loft disappears.


I really want the whole tube cross section to loft, not just the inner and outer surfaces. End goal is a file for a 3D printer to build the tube.Intake Hose left and Right ends.ipt

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I don't use Inventor, and I don't know exactly what you're trying to create or what your experience level is with Inventor or how much research you've done on this subject, but if you're just trying to create a tube, you might want to try Sweep instead of Loft.


Here's a video:

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So what I had used for a centerline for the loft, appears now as a line along the inside and outside surfaces of the "left " side of the tube. Interesting.

The wall cross section appears to be filled in, so it should make a good 3D model.


Care to share any clues with a newbe about how to achieve success?

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