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How to get this file cut ready (What am i missing)

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Hi all. am using AutoCAD 07. (A dinosaur i now) along with solid-works.

For some reason i cant get the file to extrude in solid-works as it says end point is wrongly shared by multiple entities, and cant find the problem in AutoCAD ether.

Iv attached the file hopefully one of you guys can see where am going wrong.


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I ran the OVERKILL command on your drawing. It found and deleted 25 duplicates and 4 overlapping objects. I don't use Solidworks, so I don't know if that's what's causing the problem, but I see that all of your polylines are individual line segments, not continuous polylines like I would expect. You may need to join your polylines.

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I had a lot of items that were removed when I ran it through the clean up tool for the water jet. And as stated by Cad64, it is made up of lots of lines, it looks like it was made (poorly) for some sort of cutter. What is the need for extruding?


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