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Create a Polygon by "Merging" 2 layers together while maintaining their properties.

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Hello I need to create a polygon using 2 different layers.


Let's say that I have 2 layers( magenta and cyan). Now I want to create a polygon using these two layers while still keeping their color(properties etc).

I tried using the topology feature but im unable to get the results that I want, as I always get an error.


Is there any way how to achieve the results that I want?


Thank you!


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Unless Autodesk has added some new functionality in 2018, a polyline cannot be on two different layers at the same time. Also, a polyline can't have different colored line segments.


I would probably make two polyline objects. One of them would be the 3 sided magenta polyline and the other would be a 4 sided closed cyan polyline. Then I would set the Draworder so the magenta polyline is on top.

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Thanks for the reply. I got the results by going to drawing cleanup --> create topology and then I exported the results to arcmap.

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