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Map data validation

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Hello dear community,



My task is to validate coordinates of antenna changes for a mobile network; this list is supplied in Excel format an the respective points are introduced in matlab on separate layers for each antenna change, e.g. AC_1>2, AC_5>100, AC_80>34, ...

On another layer are the locations of the antennae as points.



I want to validate that no antenna change (AC) takes place too far away from that antenna.



I have developed a process to do this, yet I still don't have figured out how to do each step.






For each antenna (how are for-loops done?)



1. disable (make layers non-visible) all non-relevant layers for this antenna









2. Connect all remaining visible points with lines (e.g. tree spanning algorithm)



3. Center to the region containing all remaining points and set a predetermined scale (allows to validate distances on paper with ruler after printing)



4. Print to a pdf A3 with same scale always









However I do not know how to loop over antennas and don't know how to implement steps 2-4.



I would be very thankful if you could provide me same valuable tips.



My knowledge in AutoCAD is not very developed, but I have strong programming knowledge.



Thank you in advance.

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