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How do I make grids on walls go away


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Newbie here, whenever I use push/pull or extrude the wall I make is gridded. I would rather not see this grid, every tutorial online has clean wireframe walls without grids on them. How do make it go away?!

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Welcome to CADTutor sarah. :)

It sounds like you may be extruding polylines or linework which is not CLOSED, resulting in surfaces, instead of 3D Solid objects.

PRESSPULL is much more forgiving, and doesn't require CLOSED polylines, as it generates a REGION, which is then used in the command, and should CREATE a true 3D Solid, unless you start the command on a surface.



You would do well to explore the POLYSOLID command, try it you'll like it.



Good point ReMark PRESSPULL it is, I forget the name because I use ppp as my alias for it.

It seemed odd to me that such a thing was happening when using it, whence my clarification of how it works, and the lack of CLOSED polyline requirement.



Sarah, watch this link from the Tutorials page on CADTutor, it will probably help you come to grips with some modeling basics.






There are other good resources available there, as well.

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From AutoCAD Help.


Selection Presspull behavior

Open 2D object (such as an arc) Extrudes to create a surface

Closed 2D object (such as a circle) Extrudes to create a 3D solid

Inside a bounded area Extrudes to create a 3D solid

3D solid face Offsets the face, expanding or condensing the 3D solid

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I was trying to create a vertical plane by extending one of the horizontal lines, but the plane has that lattice on it that I don't want.


Thank you for the suggestions, I'll start there and see if I can make any of them work.

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Extruding a line creates a surface, not a solid. That's why you're seeing that lattice.


PRESSPULL (unless they make a bounded area), EXTRUDE, SWEEP on non-closed objects make surfaces AFAIK.


If using Hidden or shaded view, etc. the lattice will not be seen. Alternately, if these are lines, you can change the thickness property in the properties palette and the lattice will not show.


Why not post a drawing?

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