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Electrical and Mechanical Drawing Scale Standards

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Does anyone know if there is a document of industry standards of producing M&E drawings.

I have worked for a few companies and was told that electrical drawings are 1:100 scale and Mechanical 1:50 scale.

However i am now with a company who say both Mech and Elec drawings should be 1:50.

I was always told to try use A1 drawings where possible.

I just dont see the point of having an Electrical drawing on A0 sheet with 12 sockets and a Dist board or have containment on A0 when you can see perfectly well on A1

I know it depends on project some might have lots of fittings and of course you will then need to use 1:50.

But i am talking about an average residential project.

Can anyone advise.

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There should be a BS British Standard for drafting may be old but its recommendations should still be applicable.

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