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Layer does not appear in viewport and plotter.


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I try to plot my drawings in this new template that i created - with all those new layer. I have compared it with my other drawings, the layer properties is pretty much the same however for this drawing, some of my layer are not visible in the viewport and missing when i plot the view.


All layer missing are in white colors. Do you guys happened to know why this is happening and what are the solution?



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Are the layers frozen or turned off?


Are the layers frozen in that particular viewport?


Are the objects on a layer called DefPoints?


Is layer "0" frozen?

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No. The layer is not frozen or turned of - its not in defpoint layer. I also checked to make sure its visible in plotter. Layer 0 also not frozen.


Its weird i know, i just cant figured why and how to fix it.

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Make sure your colour white is the Index Color 7 instead of the True Color 255, 255, 255


This is relevant because AutoCAD knows to change color 7 so that it will print. The true white will print as white, meaning it won't show up on white paper.


Try changing the layer color. If it does print as some other color, you've found the problem.

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