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Thing to check when borders come out with improper lineweights?


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This is a mark up I got at my job. The guy claims its to thick. I have been using our standard plot style (pen Assignments) and I don't find anything wrong. What are some reason borders dont come out like you want them? 

Border issue.JPG

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Lineweights can be determined by a plot style (.CTB/.STB) or by the lineweight assigned to the entity/layer.


I have been using our standard plot style (pen Assignments) and I don't find anything wrong.


I'm not sure what that means. If you are using a .CTB/.STB file, then consult that file to see what the printed lineweight *should* be. Compare to your printed output. 

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The Plot dialog box includes a checkbox for "Plot object lineweights." If that option is different from your usual setting, you may not get the results you expect.


If you suspect that's the problem, the solution is to set the lineweight of the object in question to ByLayer or to a smaller value.

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  1. Install the latest update for AutoCAD 
  2. Select the correct plot style table file in page setup or in the plot window.
  3. Enable the Plot object lineweights setting
  4. These are the someways which you can use to check borders are come out with improper lineweights.


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EDIT: [Sorry, everyone, I didn't realize that this post is almost a month old at this point and no reply from OP.]


\If nothing else, what I would do in that situation, is:


First, create a Page Setup (In the Plot window, up at the top, click 'Add') while you're on one of the sheets that your reviewer likes the thickness of. Name it whatever you'd like.


Then, go to your sheet that needs to be updated, bring up the Plot window again & select that Page Setup you just made in the previous step. Select 'Apply to Layout' and close the Plot window.


Finally, grab a border that the reviewer is happy with, paste it into the sheet you need to update & MATCHPROP the darker line to the line you just brought over.


Doing this, you cover all your bases on what variable could be causing the inconsistency. If this still doesn't help let us see the other sheets as well to see what your reviewer is seeing, at least.


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