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Pipe Isometric Drawing in AutoCad Mechanical 2017

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I have almost 30 years experience as a pipe fitter, job planner, and pipe designer. For most of my career I have hand drawn all piping isometric drawings affiliated with my projects. Recently my employer gave me access to AutoCad Mechanical 2017. Without much experience with AutoCad I still thought this was going to be the cure all alternative to countless hours of hand drawing isometric pipe drawings. But I'm finding at the moment I can still hand draw an iso quicker than I can do one with AutoCad Mechanical. Since I've always used 30/60 isometric paper and draw to scale it's very quick to whip out a pencil and straight rule and pop out a drawing. Is this truly the program I need or is there another AutoCad type program geared specifically for pipe drawings that have a library of piping and valve components? Thanks!

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