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vba get all objects properties


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I have a huge file with numerous objects I need to work on.

I would like to have the list of all objects and as much information I can get (layer, bounding box, object type etc.)

I would like to generate this list in VBA.

Any ideas?

Thank you

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Can you explain more if you have 100 objects you have 100 items of information.


What do you plan to do with it ? 


The actual answer to your original question is the easy part.

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I need to identify various bodies that I cannot see in the GUI. The screen is very busy and I need to extract some objects and delete unnecessary ones, but it is too risky to do it with the GUI. I would like to do it with a script so I can have 100% control on what I am doing.


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Still need more info like


delete arcs that are green and on layer xxxx.

freeze lines that are blue lT=dashed 


and so on.


You can actually type on the command line  both of the actions 1 line per action. Once you know the syntax for ssget, dont need fancy coding,  yes you could do a dcl/form picking the combos.

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well this is the point: I do not know what is in the dwg. I need to know


you mean type at command line this?


"delete arcs that are green and on layer xxxx."


"freeze lines that are blue lT=dashed"


I need to create  a list of EVERYTHING that is in the drawing so I can handle it (move it to a 'dumpster layer", delete etc)

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