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copy text from Excel to AutoCAD by Lisp at the co-ordinate (12, 6), width 6, and on sheet PV-4.0


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Below is a breakdown of the tab, items in bold refer to the column headers on that tab.  The number of entries on each tab will vary from project to project, so the code should loop accordingly.
  • ACAD_PlansetNotes
    • These are text blocks that should be created and inserted into the planset on different pages and locations
    • We will only work on "standalone" items (Type), which are individual, floating pieces of text.
    • For items on this tab you will need to:
      • Write the text into AutoCAD in a visible layer (Text_Visible) onto the correct sheet (Sheet)
      • Just above the visible text, write the hidden text on the "No Plot" layer (Text_Hidden)
      • Set the width of the text block (Width_In)
      • Text should be placed in the specified location based on x-y coordinates to the top-left corner (Location_AbsX_In Location_AbsY_In)
        • e.g. if  Location_AbsX_In = 2 and  Location_AbsY_In = 4, the top-left corner of the text should be 2 inches over and 4 inches down from the top-left corner of the page.
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You can do all that in excel just write down every word and enter required doing it manually and make a command sequence like a script. The "ctab" sets the current layout, ctab Model, ctab PV-40. Make it one cell or line by line and copy and paste.


If you want it all smart then just search here so many examples of Autocad <-> Excel

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