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Dear All, I have a little issue with layouts.

I have a drawing with several layouts, and I would like to have an item reference as per they are displayed on drawing, after final drawing of all layouts fixed, that of course will have effect on TabOrder property.

I'm searching for a VBA CODE, for example below code shown the situation of layouts taborder on attached drawing layouts sequence viewed.

Thank you

N_LT = ThisDrawing.Layouts.Count
For N = 0 To N_LT - 1
    VETTORE(N, 1) = ThisDrawing.Layouts(N).TabOrder
    VETTORE(N, 2) = ThisDrawing.Layouts(N).Name
    Debug.Print N, VETTORE(N, 1), VETTORE(N, 2)
Code result:

N        TabOrder   Layout Name

 0             8            A0
 1             13           A0-Verticale
 2             9            A0x1.5
 3             7            A1
 4             12           A1-Verticale
 5             6            A2
 6             11           A2-Verticale
 7             5            A3
 8             2            A3 (Legenda N.1)
 9             3            A3 (Legenda N.2)
 10            10           A3-Verticale
 11            4            A4
 12            1            A4 (Copertina)
 13            0            Model


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