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Autodesk Revit® 2020 Has Arrived!

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CAD Panacea

It’s that time of year when new Autodesk products come springing out of their winter cocoons. Revit 2020 has just arrived with some rather interesting new features. Quite a few of those are in the structural realm. Thankfully.

But first, Revit now has the ability to import PDF! This is a long-awaited feature, but one that will hopefully make our lives a bit easier. Especially when we just want to trace things instead of create things. (Did I say that out loud??) Along those same lines, we now have the ability to copy and paste Legends across sheets. View Filters are either loved or hated, but now we can set filters using the ‘OR’ function. Say goodbye to exclusive filters.
It’s the little things, really.

Architecturally speaking, the ability to create Elliptical walls has been added to the 2020 release. Geometrically speaking they ‘look’ good. Time will tell if they perform the way they are intended. Creating interior spaces that are functional and effective could be a bit of a challenge.

A few improvements are on the MEP end of things. For electrical, users now have the ability to feed through lugs in electrical distribution systems. This should help on the analysis and documentation end of things. There is also the ability to export fabrication data to a spreadsheet for use in various prefab and fabrication applications. Other minor improvements and enhancements have been added as well.

But, wow for the structural improvements! Steel Connections for Dynamo! This just sounds like a bunch of fun. Thankfully, a lot of the back end Dynamo work has been done for you with included scripts for use with the Dynamo player. On a side note, Dynamo now ships with Revit…a cool deal.

You may notice faster performance when editing those detailed steel connections. Revit now processes all of that in the background, improving performance. Great for those high-rise structures.

These are just a few of the new additions to Revit in this release, you can read about some more new features here. If you’re one of those early-adopters, best wishes for an uneventful transition! For those of us who like to hang back a bit, bring the popcorn, because this one is sure to be entertaining!


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