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MText Formatting Problem - Adding a New Line


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I want to add text to an existing MTEXT, but the utility I have used doesn't support what I am trying to do.

I can select it fine, but it doesn't come out right.


This is the old format:



This is the new format (this is what is desired):



This is the old text in properties:



This is the new text in properties (this is what is desired):



I tried to use this code to call a MRWA.lsp (but the format doesn't work right):

   (setq mylisp "MRWA.lsp")                             ; Set the lisp routine name
   (setq mypatlsp (strcat mypath mylisp))               ; Set the path/file of the lisp routine name
   (load mypatlsp)                                      ; Load the lisp routine

NORTH IS BASED ON PLANT NOTRTH PER DWG 123-KD-401.")                ; Replace MTEXT string: old/new

Using this lisp (MRWA.lsp):

(defun replace (old new / string_subst dxf idx o ss)
  (defun string_subst (str old new / idx)
    (setq idx 0)
    (while (setq idx (vl-string-search old str idx))
      (setq str (vl-string-subst new old str idx))
      (setq idx (+ idx (strlen new)))
  (if (setq ss (ssget "_X" (list '(0 . "MTEXT") (cons 410 (getvar 'ctab)))))
    (repeat (setq idx (sslength ss))
      (setq o (vlax-ename->vla-object (ssname ss (setq idx (1- idx)))))
      (if (vl-string-search old (vla-get-textstring o))
	(vla-put-textstring o (string_subst (vla-get-textstring o) old new))

Am I just a few characters off to get this to work right?  Or do I need to take another path to make this work?



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44 minutes ago, GregGleason said:

(vla-put-textstring o (string_subst (vla-get-textstring o) old new))

You never define what 'new' is?

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