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import text & MText from AutoCAD to Excel


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I'm trying to import text & MText from AutoCAD to Excel
I do not know much about any vba but I think some expert can help me in this.
I also need coordinates of text and text,
The manual selection of the text should be only under layer of "Code" and there is no need for any other object with the text.

Import Text.xlsm

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6 hours ago, BIGAL said:

Do you need VBA why not Lisp just google so many answers out there. 

Hi Bigal,

Thanks to Reply

I know that a lot of Lisp is available on the internet, but there are so many calculations in my Excel that's the reason why I need a vba code.

If you have more information in your Vba code then you can provide Vba code or you can help me.

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The fact that excel can have formula's in it it does not impact on Autocad, you can use lisp to fill in cells in excel hence do a google search, then run your excel macros. Again do not need VBA solution, Excel VBA can call a lisp to run inside Autocad. 

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