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AutoCAD Web App Adds Support for Firefox

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The CAD Geek

While the desktop version of AutoCAD typically receives the most attention, the web and mobile versions of AutoCAD continue to see exciting developments. Not constrained by an annual release cycle, we’ve seen a rapid stream of improvements to both the web and mobile versions over the last several years. What few users I speak with tend to realize is today’s web and mobile version of AutoCAD leverages the same core code as the desktop version.

The fact AutoCAD web, mobile, and desktop share the same code today is the result of an even lesser known effort known as AutoCAD Fabric. The work being done by the AutoCAD team is fascinating, and represents what I believe will be the anywhere anytime future of AutoCAD. If you haven’t checked out the web and mobile versions of AutoCAD recently; do yourself a favor and do so now.

Speaking of checking things out, until this week the web version of AutoCAD was limited to the Chrome browser. Although that represented no issue for those who use Chrome as their default browser, what about the other browsers out there?

AutoCAD Web with Sample Floor Plan

Good news! AutoCAD for web now supports both Chrome and Firefox.

Personally, while Chrome remains my default browser, it’s only my default because of the tools I often use that require it. After a rather long run of Chrome being my preferred browser, I’m growing increasingly fond of Firefox.

In my experience, the latest release of Firefox performs great ad requires only a fraction of the system resources of Chrome. For this reason, I’m very happy to see software manufacturers like Autodesk expand browser support for tools like AutoCAD.

Have you tried AutoCAD for web or mobile? Sound off with your experience using either tool in the comments below.

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