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Comma Delimited data

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I would like to get some help with the task I have in hand. let me explain my dilemma.


  • I have a "CVS" file that is comma delimited format.
  • the file has two pieces of information separated by comma. Example bellow:
    • 50,WTF-00011
    • 75,WFT-00023
    • 100,WFT-00050
    • etc.... the file could have up 6000 lines.
  • I don't do not know how to write a code separate the line using the comma as a separator. 
  • I would like to assign the values before the comma into a variable "VAR1" for later use later in the program.
  • I would like to assign the values after the comma into a different variable "VAR2" for use later in the program.


Thank you in advance for your help.


Kind regards,



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Lee Mac

You may use my existing Read CSV function for this task - I have included a test program on the linked page to demonstrate how to call the function in a program. You may then iterate over the list of rows and perform the necessary operations on each pair of items.

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The Simple way

Thanks LEE for the subroutine

(defun c:test ( / data file )
      (setq file (getfiled "Select CSV File" "" "csv" 16))
      (setq data (LM:readcsv file))
      (setq e -1)
    (repeat (length data)
      (setq var  (nth (setq e (1+ e)) data))
      (setq var1 (nth 0 var ))
      (setq var2 (nth 1 var ))

      ; The Code

;; Read CSV  -  Lee Mac
;; Parses a CSV file into a matrix list of cell values.
;; csv - [str] filename of CSV file to read
(defun LM:readcsv ( csv / des lst sep str )
    (if (setq des (open csv "r"))
            (setq sep (cond ((vl-registry-read "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Control Panel\\International" "sList")) (",")))
            (while (setq str (read-line des))
                (setq lst (cons (LM:csv->lst str sep 0) lst))
            (close des)
    (reverse lst)
;; CSV -> List  -  Lee Mac
;; Parses a line from a CSV file into a list of cell values.
;; str - [str] string read from CSV file
;; sep - [str] CSV separator token
;; pos - [int] initial position index (always zero)
(defun LM:csv->lst ( str sep pos / s )
        (   (not (setq pos (vl-string-search sep str pos)))
            (if (wcmatch str "\"*\"")
                (list (LM:csv-replacequotes (substr str 2 (- (strlen str) 2))))
                (list str)
        (   (or (wcmatch (setq s (substr str 1 pos)) "\"*[~\"]")
                (and (wcmatch s "~*[~\"]*") (= 1 (logand 1 pos)))
            (LM:csv->lst str sep (+ pos 2))
        (   (wcmatch s "\"*\"")
                (LM:csv-replacequotes (substr str 2 (- pos 2)))
                (LM:csv->lst (substr str (+ pos 2)) sep 0)
        (   (cons s (LM:csv->lst (substr str (+ pos 2)) sep 0)))
(defun LM:csv-replacequotes ( str / pos )
    (setq pos 0)
    (while (setq pos (vl-string-search  "\"\"" str pos))
        (setq str (vl-string-subst "\"" "\"\"" str pos)
              pos (1+ pos)


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