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Transferring Custom stuff to a new....

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hey all, 


so i started a new job and at my old job i had a backup folder with all of our AutoCAD stuff (I.E. custom toolbars, tool pallets, LSP routines, settings and much more). being that i am not the one that set this all up at my old job i am struggling to transfer all this information that i have into AutoCAD for my new company. so pretty much i am used to AutoCAD looking and working a certain way and the new company that i am at doesn'd have things set up at all and i want to try and customize things to the way that i had them at my old company.


does anyone know how i might be able to achieve this?


some of the files that i have are - .DCL  .ARX  .SCR   .SLB  and many other ones. 


i hope that i am explaining this so that it is understandable. thank you for all your help

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Ok lets go through the list


.lsp are lisp files

.dcl are dialogue box files called by lisp's

.arx are compiled programs

.slb are slide libraries these are images in one file.Used by lisps and arx

.mnu .cui .cuix are menu files 


1st step is CONFIG FILES Support paths add a directory and put all your stuff in it.

2nd Trusted paths add the same directory


You can use menuload to load the menu's as a starting point. This will populate toolbars as well.


As you don't know about setting up customised CAD its a bit hard to know what is going to work.


If your happy go down to bottom left  in windows type CMD a command screen will appear.

type  the following

cd\myfiles\my programs

dir *.* >dirlist.txt


Change the path above to match your directory for me it would be



PM me the dirlist.txt file it is probably best to not make it totally public, you may find others request to provide help also I will leave that to your discretion who you send it to.

Regarding arx these are generally commercial programs and have copyright implications same with all the code.






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