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adding kitchen cabinets

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its no secret im new to revit. im working on my kitchen and i dont know how to add cabinets and appliances to my kitchen. help? ideas? im all ears

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ok, first of all, do you see your Design Bar ? on your left hand ? Go there and click on:

Component --> Load...

Then click on whatever you are working with, Metric OR Imperial scale..

Let's say you are using the metric one..

You click on Metric Library ---> then go to Casework ---> Domestic Kitchen..

All the cabinets, counter tops, sinks are there.


That's one way.. there is another way.... Look at your right hand top corner of your Revit page that says: Content Search Online

Type what ever you want, search for it, then a page apears, choose what you want, click on it, then select it, and then download selected, then automaticly you will see the cabinet you choose, just place it anywhere you want and you're done.

If I don't find what i want in revit library, I usualy search for it and find it faster.


I hope that was helpful... i'm sorry if i didn't explain it clearly.

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