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Unknown Command running SCRIPT

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I have a command that I wrote to print all layouts in a drawing:


(defun c:PNGH (/)
(C:AREV);Command to update drawing initials based on computer username
 (foreach lay (layoutlist) ;lay = each item in the layoutlist
   (setvar 'CTab lay)
   (COMMAND  "-plot" "n" "" "Horizontal-PNG-Acad (Color)" "PublishToWeb PNG.pc3" "" "n" "Y")
   ); end of foreach function
  (command "CTAB" "MODEL" "ZOOM" "ALL" "_QSAVE" "_CLOSE")


The problem comes in when I try to use this command in a script it says:


Unknown Command "PNGH". Press F1 for Help!

Command: _quit


My script for testing purposing just simple has -PNGH only and its not working. Can someone please help? Thanks so much in advance.

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If the lisp is loaded, try using (C:PNGH) in the script.


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