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Polygon fill not showing...

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Sometimes I have problem showing polygon fill in my Autocad Map 3d 2021. After some time of working on my drawing I realize, that polygon fill is not shown anymore. I don't know what action causes this problem. "Apply solid fill" option is enabled, fill exists in object properties.....I checked everything, but I cant see polygon fill.
The only solution I know and works, is to close and restart Autocad....but this is annoying.
Can somebody tell me, if there is better solution....or what could causes my problem?
kind regards

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Perhaps I expressed wrongly......I was talking about MPOLYGON fill.
Recently I was using closed polylines with hatches. Because sometimes I'd like to hide hatches, I've created different layers for hatches. Unfortunately this method increase number of layers.
To avoid this situation I decided to convert Polylines to MPolygons and then turning fill On or Off, by using command FILLMODE, and then choose 0 for Off or 1 for On and regen at the end (I made my own command shortcuts for those two variants to speed up the process). It works just fine, but after awhile...sometimes...I cant switch back to On...even If I draw new Mpolygon, fill is not shown.....nothing helped, except restarting program. Then I could see all Mpolygons propperly, the old ones and newly created.
I hope I am more understandable this time..
kind regards!

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