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Creating blocks unitless?


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I haven't noticed the units check box when creating a block before, but the default seems to unit less.  What are the pros and cons of defining the units to milometers?  I've only just noticed when using Wblock command for the first time that there is the option to define the units.  What difference will it make if some of my blocks are unit less and some are defined as millimetres?  I always work in the same units so is it irrelevant which i choose?  What are peoples experiences like with changing these settings?


Thanks in advance



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Going back to before this was a possibility, we, the users had to know what units something was drawn in.

For example, an architect might do a building in inches, and we might be doing the site plan in feet. So when we xref or insert one to another, we knew to scale up or down as required.


To this day, I still do everything as unitless because I want to control the scaling (whether or not to scale, and the factor).


I suppose there could be some benefit to letting AutoCAD do this for you, but I've had far more problems over the years when dealing with this. The problems are usually things scaling when they are not supposed to be scaling.

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there is also the issue of units and unit conversion which I guess is still an issue.

So If a drawing is in Imperial units but was created from a Metric DWG and the units changed to Imperial later on,  it won't be 100% to scale but will be slightly off.


Scaling Factor is how I deal with XREF's and blocks as well.

It is much more straightforward and easier to deal with than dealing with annotative objects as it is a simple number input.



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