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Removing lines crossing object

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Hi, its my first time in vba programming. I try to resolve some problem. 
I have solid project with sphere and lines. I want to cut all lines crosing my sphere. 
How can i check condition lines crossing my object (sphere). Im studied documentation and i found .IntersectWith method. Can i use this?
I prepared some code but i have error "object required". Someone can help me ?. Thanks for advice 

Sub test()

Dim selectionSetLine As AcadSelectionSet
Dim sphere As Acad3DSolid
Dim acadEntity As acadEntity
Dim intPoints As Variant
Dim selectPnt As Variant

ThisDrawing.Utility.GetEntity acadEntity, selectPnt, "Select sphere"

Set selectionSetLine = ThisDrawing.SelectionSets.Add("line")

Call checkInterference(acadEntity, selectionSetLine)

End Sub

Public Sub checkInterference(model As acadEntity, lines As AcadSelectionSet)

    Dim intPoints As Variant
    Dim acadLine As acadLine
    Dim sphere As Acad3DSolid
    Dim object As Object
    Set sphere = model
    MsgBox "procedure check"
    For Each object In lines
        If obj.ObjectName = "AcDbLine" Then
            Set acadLine = object
            MsgBox "test"
            intPoints = acadLine.IntersectWith(sphere, acExtendBoth)
            MsgBox "test"
            'toDo condition remove line like this'
                'If VarType(intPoints) <> vbEmpty Then'
                'MsgBox "test"'
                'End If'
            Else: MsgBox "There are no line object"
        End If
End Sub


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