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block insertion point and Block attribute value

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Hello everyone,

The attached code that "Replace the text by block and transfer the value to the attribute" and the code is working.

What I intend to do now and am not succeeding in doing is the following :



1) I noticed that, the block insertion point is being at the coordinate (Geometry --> Position X of variable T2B_Text). Is it possible to insert the block at the coordinate ( Text --> Text alignment X of variable T2B_Text)?  (See image 1)


2)  Is there any way to make sure that the total value of the variable "T2B_AttributeTag" is not all transferred to the block attribute?  (See image 2)


Example: T2B_AttributeTag = TO 1301-UZY-1826A

                  Value of Block attribute (T2B_Block) = 1301-UZY-1826A                                          (Accurate this way) 





Obs : The Txt file is by (DannyNL), taken from the AutoCad forum.





Image 1.jpg

Image 2.jpg

Code Lisp.txt

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If all you want to do is remove the "GHF" prefix change the following line:

(PushAttValue T2B_Block (list (list T2B_AttributeTag (vla-get-TextString T2B_Text))))


(PushAttValue T2B_Block (list (list T2B_AttributeTag (substr (vla-get-TextString T2B_Text) 4))))

If you are looking for something more generic, then let me know.

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