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Grayscale.ctb pen table is missing

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The grayscale pen table is not loaded. How do i create a new grayscale pen table? Do I have to select each of the pen colors separately? Help needed by 6pm today. Is there a link where generic autocad pentables can be uploaded?

Thank you,

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Do you HAVE this file? Is it a CTB or STB file?

If you have it somewhere, you can just point AutoCAD to it.

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Click the Autocad icon, click options.  On files tab, scroll down to "printer support file path" and click the plus sign to expand.

Where it sais "Plot style table search path" click the plus sign to expand.

Double click on the path.  Then copy that path and paste it into windows explorer.


You want to browse to that location to verify the contents of the folder.  That path is where Autocad is looking for all your plot styles.


All plot styles that you want Autocad to recognize need to be in the folder this path points to.


If you are referring to the default grayscale, there are only a couple possibilities why it would be missing.

1 - someone deleted it.

2 - you are not using the default plot style location ( which would mean someone has directed autocad to a different folder to find the plot styles -  like on a company server, for instance).


Some design firms do this to make sure everyone is using the same plot styles for DOT projects, for example, where the drawing standards are very specific.


By default, autocad does not use CTB's (color dependant plot styles) it uses STB's (layer dependent).

To toggle this setting,  CONVERTPSTYLES command.  You will just need to make sure that after you toggle you go into page setup and specify the specific CTB or STB you want to use (color dependent grayscale being CTB in this case).




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