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Need Help in modifying an existing Lisp

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Mahmoud Atta


May anyone help me in modifying the lisp attached...

the lisp attached deduce the invert level based on

01- Pipe Start Elevation

02- Pipe Slope

03- Flow direction

and the final result is as shown on the image shown  below



What I need is to put the absolute elevation on the form "IL.0.0000MM" & add another two text captions the relative elevation"IL.-0.0000FFL" & Pipe type and size"(WP/SP/RWP0000MM"

the inputs are

1- FFl Reference Level where "IL.-0.0000FFL" will be a result of [ absolute level - relative level ]  

2- Pipe type is SP or WP or RWP & 50/75/110/160/ or 200 MM

The result I need as an example is in the below shot:


Please help me. thanks in advance




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