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Lines not plotting


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So when I print to pdf, all my line weights stay the same. I have them on different layers as per my schools CAD standards yet they dont change. To actually see a difference I have to open the layout box (when you right click layout 1 and go to plot) and change the sizes for different colors there. This seems like an unnecessary step when people in my class have no problems with their lines plotting. Any suggestions on what is happening? I can clarify more if you have questions, sorry if this is a vague description. 

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I assume you're using the correct Plot Style, provided by the school?

Are you plotting using a .ctb or .stb plot style?

When you say that you have to change the sizes for different colors in the Plot dialog, are you opening the Plot Style Table and changing them there?

Can you provide a screenshot of your plot dialog so we can see your settings?


This may or may not help, but in your Plot dialog, make sure you have "Scale Lineweights" unchecked.

Scale Lineweights.jpg

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That Plot Style Table you edited is for any drawing you access from your PC and should never be edited!

Use the STYLESMANAGER to see the list of Plot Styles in Windows File Explorer and replace any you modified with an unmodified version from a classmate.


If you ever need an edited version of a Plot Style copy it to a different name before you edit it so the original will still work for all the drawings designed to use it.

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This is like those spot the differences find the ???


"Timber Gate" is probably Mtext and has been set to bold. Same 1 2 in bubble.


Move your text away from the vertical line in the title block details, that will lose you marks.


Caster is wrong size not sure.


No dims caster and other detail not sure


If being critical the horizontal gap in the text is different in particular top text and bottom text, whilst not quite correct make all the text Mtext then gap will be consistent adjust leader to suit.


The text width is different I would do the bottom text much wider as you have plenty of room.


The title text boxes could be a bit wider and taller very close now so have a horizontal and vertical margin and move the vertical line to stop text hitting a line. (sheet title)


That's my 7 I am sure others will find more.

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If you are using mtext with left justification you can either change the width factor all at once to something slightly wider (in properties) or you can tweak one to your liking, then use MATCHPROP command to select the one u want, enter, then click the other ones you want to match that width.


You want to use the lineweights in the CTB they provided - between that and the scale lineweights mentioned earlier that probably explains it.


Also, in your drawing your timber gate castor detail looks like it should have enough room to be plotted at 1:5 scale.

Just might need to adjust some stuff veritcally but it looks like it would fit.




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