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Dynamic bock - Issue with base point

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With a dynamic block, if you carry out an Action such as Move, the base point gets left behind. See first image.

I added a base point to fix this, as per this link:



Now I have an issue with the Flip Action. See second image. As I stretch/compress the block it gets in the way, particularly when it's close to grips.

How can this be fixed?





Weld Test.dwg

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It seems to work fine for me.  Stretches as far out as I need.
I have a feeling you may have a snap setting on that is interfering with the stretch function.

Turn off snap and leave osnap on would be my first thing to check then try again.

Some people when they make a new block they use the wrong DWG or DWT template when they start and it can throw off your settings you would normally have.




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OK thanks for explaining.

When I posted, I used the term "base point" and I can't remember at the time what this referred to. It my have been either the (0,0) origin, or a Point Parameter.

I have a Basepoint Parameter in there now and the issue has gone away.

Using a Basepoint Parameter may cause an issue with something else though, I can't remember where I read that ... it may have been related to attributes but I'm not 100% sure.

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