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Basic Survey Related Functions

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So lets say i have a close polyline which represent a plot (piece of privately owned land). I want create a table where it lists coordinates with letter numbers (so i need me vertices to be named a,b,c,d, etc( and also have a line table but instead of L1,L2 to have the name of vertices so for example a line between a and b is called AB instead of L1). And i want these tables to be merged. I have lisps that can do this, but i wonder if this can be done from Civil Directly. Since Civil has a dynamic relation with each object and it updates changes. Cause so far, i have to draw this table when everything is absolutely final, and in case i make any changes i have to be mindful and reruns lisp routines to be sure that table has accurate and up to date information

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Googling lot labelling CIV3D did it give any hints ? 


It may be  feasible using Fields, you can add two fields together for numbers have not tried for text. So would give AB 123.45 45 32' 33"


Did some stuff that uses the lot no for the searching. So would be a make new table maybe option. As finding deleted lines may be difficult. 


Lot 1


BC ..........

CD ..........



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