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How to make 100km road plan view port

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Dear team,

I have around 125 km road plan.

I want to make a road plan layout drawing.

Road plan have many horizontal curve also

For complete that drawing I need to make viewport at every layout.

View port must have 1km stretch.


Any lisp to make automatically viewport and rotation also.


Paper size A2 in MM with title block

Viewport length and width required : 530*130mm

Scale required 1:2000

2 view port required


Any tips tricks tools and lisp






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Sorry but need a proper civil solution need to pay, it will do all the road layouts, long sections, cross sections,  setout, alignments and so much more.


If your doing a design for 125Km road then you or your company is being paid serious money for the design, your name appears multiple times asking for stuff for free. A 125km road for me would be at least $100 million to build a 1% fee = $???? way more than the couple of thousand for software.


Just as a matter of fact did a road widening for 15km as a project. Auto generated long & layout, cross sections. Typo was 15km.


You want a solution CIV3D or Home - Civil Site Design

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Thanks for reply.

Sir road design , plan and profile, cross section, interchange already completed.

I just want to make layout at 1 km to 1km

As I show on image.

Project length 125 km that is everything already design .


Only prepare road layout.



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Hi ish check this link 


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For PLAN sheets, Doing it manually actually wouldn't be too difficult.


Without civil3d or other software you would need to insert your alignments, stations and associated station labels manually.


If you aren't sure how to do station labels you can look it up online.  It's pretty straightforward.


In model space, you would then create a rectangle (on a non plottable layer) encompassing one Kilometer of the alignment (station 0 to 1000 if you are using meters)  allowing enough room to show the matchlines on both ends and associated labeling.  So each rectangle would generally be slightly over 1km wide if that makes sense.


Each rectangle will need to rotate slightly with the road.


You can then set up your viewport on the sheet.  May need to rotate the viewport view as you go for each sheet so that the rectangle in model space is aligned.  

If using a standard scale, just adjust the viewport size and corners with the rectangle you added earlier using it as a reference...


You can then use VPCLIP to cut your viewport off at the match lines on both ends.


Once you get a sheet set up and everything looks OK as far as text size, etc... Copy that layout a few times and repeat the process for each 1 KM segment.


Each sheet would show the key plan at the bottom right or something.

with a hatch in the rectangle for the segment of road you are detailing on a given sheet.


Would take a little effort but it is possible.



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