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Display a web map in a WPF with Autocad 2013-2021


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I am making a free topo tool that makes use of Mapsui maps ( https://github.com/Mapsui/Mapsui ) that reads and manipulates shape and KMZ files and then inserts them in model space already projected.

The problem is that it doesn't show the map inside the window, I don't know if I have to do it asynchronous, with threads or I need to give it permission for external connections. I had already been able to display Arcgis Runtime maps but they were only displayed in AutoCAD 2020 and 2021, so I decided to use MapSui but the result was worse.

I am using the Autoloader (.bundle) structure to run the command, in that same folder I put all the necessary files for the map to work, but still it doesn't do it, it doesn't even give error.
Does anyone know why this happens? or do you have any alternative for the map, it should be noted that I do not want to use the map that brings autocad because it is only available in the 2015 version onwards and I need it from 2013 and its projection systems are limited to UTM.

Visual studio 2019
Autocad dll base 2013

If you want me to pass you the project or .bundle folder, please comment

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