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Removing Text in front of a Dash Mtext

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I have a bunch of mleaders in alot of files which have a dash in the labels. I need to come up with a way to remove the starting text and the dash. 

I wanted to use a find and replace, but the values are different in front of the dash. 


Is there a way where I can select a set of mleaders and which have a (i.e. ADSH123-Note 1, BEJGWHH99-Note 5) to be (i.e. Note 1, Note 5)?


Thank you for any help 

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This should work I believe.

(defun c:Test ( / int sel ent get str pos)
  ;; Tharwat - Date: 26.Mar.2021	;;
  (and (princ "\nSelect Mleader objects to parse strings after DASH once found : ")
       (setq int -1 sel (ssget "_:L" '((0 . "MULTILEADER"))))
       (while (setq int (1+ int) ent (ssname sel int))
         (setq get (entget ent)
               str (assoc 304 get)
         (and (setq pos (vl-string-search "-" (cdr str)))
              (entmod (subst (cons 304 (substr (cdr str) (+ 2 pos))) str get))
  ) (vl-load-com)


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