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Need Script For Polyline Coordinate, Area from Texts Inside Boundary

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uzumaki narudin

need help from senior here, as my attachment file from cad to output excel table, i need to create report ( coordinate and area ) from all closed polyline has text as an ID


thanks in advance

AREA.dwg REPORT.xlsx

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This is help for you.

(defun _pac (e / l v d lst)
	(setq d (- (setq v (/ (setq l (vlax-curve-getDistAtParam e (vlax-curve-getEndParam e))) 100.))))
	(while (< (setq d (+ d v)) l)
		(setq lst (cons (vlax-curve-getPointAtDist e d) lst))

(defun c:dd (/ s i e p r n x lss t1 t2)
(setq p 0)
	(= 1 (getvar 'Dwgtitled))
	(setq	collectedData nil
			csvFile (strcat (getvar 'dwgprefix)	(vl-filename-base (getvar 'dwgname)) ".csv")
(if (setq s (ssget "_:L" '((0 . "POLYLINE,LWPOLYLINE") (-4 . "<OR") (70 . 1) (70 . 3)(-4 . "OR>"))))
		(setq i (sslength s))
		(setq e (ssname s (setq i (1- i))))
		(setq r (getpropertyvalue e "area"))
		(setq t2 (strcat "AREA" "," (rtos r 2 1)))

		(foreach itm (setq ptlist (mapcar 'cdr  (vl-remove-if-not '(lambda	(x) (= (car x) 10)) (entget e))))
			(setq p (1+ p))
			(princ "\n") (princ (setq coor (strcat (rtos p 2 0) "," (rtos (car itm) 2 3) "," (rtos (car itm) 2 3))))
			(setq x (cons (list coor) x))
		(foreach lk x (setq lss (cons lk lss)))

		(if (setq ss (ssget "_WP" (_pac e) (list '(0 . "TEXT,MTEXT") )))
				(setq n (sslength ss))
				(setq hnd (ssname ss (setq n (1- n))))
				(setq vobject (vlax-ename->vla-object hnd))
				(if (vlax-property-available-p vobject 'textstring); test if object has textstring property
					(setq vobjstring (vla-get-textstring vobject)) ; String value
					(princ "\nSelected object don't have \"TextString\" property... ")
				); if
				(setq t1 (strcat "ID" "," vobjstring))
	(setq lss (cons (list t2) lss))
	(setq lss (cons (list t1) lss))
	(setq p 0 x nil)
);if main

(setq opf (open csvFile "w"))
(foreach rowValue lss
	(write-line  (apply 'strcat rowValue) opf)
(setq lss nil)
(not (close opf))

I am not a lisp expert ..

Pline area to csv.lsp

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uzumaki narudin

thanks mate, but it seem doesnt meet my need, cause i need to identified each closed polyline with text inside the boundary, cause i want to create report each boundary area and each boundary polyline

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If this is a civil say road style design then using say CIV3D or Civil Site Design is the way to go. 


As a side note getting area of multiple plines is easy and end area volume can be calculated no need for excel.

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uzumaki narudin

can you elaborate more please,

im using civil3D also, the report what i need should meet criteria report by our local goverment, so excel with chart that show list coordinate and calculation of end area should in excel format. in civil 3d i cannot show list coordinate and end area calculation, maybe im missing for that one.


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