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INTERNAL ERROR: !AcQueryEntity.cpp@7751: eWasOpenForWrite

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I keep getting this error message mutliple times a day and it crashes Autocad regardless of what I'm doing.

Recover manager usually can save the file but It's happened 3 times in 2 hours and is super obnoxious.


Has anyone seen this before?




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Not one I know, but it certainly sounds annoying.   :beer:

I had a big drawing file from a coworker last week, and

every time I opened it, it would go into AUDIT mode, and

never find any objects to delete.  Took me a few minutes to open it each time.   :beard:

I hadn't seen that one before.

She said it didn't behave thusly on her rig.  

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Posted (edited)

It seems like people are getting this message when trying to print, publish or run the audit command.

In my case, however, it happens just panning around the drawing and at other random times just working in model space.


There's alot of "scrap" in this particular drawing that I'm going to purge out and i'm going to see if the problem goes away or not.

Ever since I started working on this one project last week it's been an intermittent issue.


But other drawings it seems to work fine.


I would share the drawing but the project is sensitive/secret squirrel stuff...



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I realize the drawing may be complex with hundreds of layers, 3rd party entities, lots of xrefs, etc., but ---- try this for starters


Make a copy of the file and work on the copy.

Open it up, delete all of the layouts, erase the viewport from the new layout it will create when you delete the last real one, then detach all of the xrefs, and erase everything from model space, then finally, purge it until you can't purge any more, then save it.


Now, what is the resulting file size?

I had a drawing the other day and after doing all of this, the file size was still 3MB. Obviously a lot of non-graphical bloat in the DWG file.

In my case, I opened it in Civil 3D (which was the origin) and Exported to ACAD, and the resulting export was 50k, like a blank drawing should be.


You may be able to open the file in BricsCAD or DraftSight and exporting out also



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There was mention in one of my Googles about changing viewports caused crash, no solution, so no post.


I had a dwg once with another dwg in it took a while to find look at blocks with $AC23Gh etc as names these are copy paste. I inserted, exploded, erased then purged, not a quick task. had arguments with one of the guys about errors on open using his template his answer was it works doesn't it, deep inside CIV3D styles a nightmare to find, created from multiple source dwgs even from external consultants. Also nested block had a tree made up of 3 blocks.


Use - purge and ALL as a 1st step as suggested on a copy. You need to probably do on xrefs as well seperately.

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