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How to remove extra scales from annotation?

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My question is regarding the automatically added scale in annotation. 

When I set up viewports with different scales in paper space. Autocad automatically adds those used scales in annotation in model space. Which becomes annoying while working. Is there a way that avoid this and the only those scales are added to the annotation which I chose.



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It is simple to remove the unwanted scales and to stop it from continuing.

Type the  command OBJECTSCALE. You will see a prompt to select annotative object(s).  After one or more is selected, a dialog box will pop up where you can both delete the unwanted scales and add others at the same time.   If you have not changed the value of PICKFIRST to something greater than zero, you can select the objects before executing the command.


To stop the scales from being added automatically, set the system variable, ANNOAUTOSCALE to 0 (zero) and watch out for the toggle buttons on the task bar with the Annotate Icon on them.   Hitting the wrong one leads to this sort of inconvenience.  I think the default is to add them.  I don't remember.  I threw the switch to OFF in 2007 when I started using annotative objects.  I do keep one of the annotative toggles set to on, ANNOALLVISIBLE which shows all annotative objects at all scales in modelspace whether they match the current annotative scale or not.  (They don't plot that way)   It works for me because I try and keep only one scale assigned to each of my annotation objects which will be the one current in the viewport they go to.


You can get to the add/delete annotative dialog box another way.  On the Annotate tab of the ribbon at the far right is a selection for it.


You can select multiple annotative objects at once to perform this task and fix them all at once.


Only select objects which are to be all assigned to the same scale together.  There is no provision to have your resulting efforts assigned different single scales at the same time during one execution of the command and dialog box.  Basically just select objects that you want to be set to the same scale.  Of course you can assign more than one scale to ALL of the selected objects at the same time using OBJECTSCALE, but right now that is not what we are trying to do.


There are a couple of serious pitfalls to watch out for when adding or removing scales from multiple annotative objects at once.


A serious error happens if you select non-annotative objects along with annotative objects.  Apparently the program code does not separate out the non annotative stuff.  Up until version 2019 I am sure, AutoCAD crashes abruptly on an unhandled error condition apparently caused by the non-anno things.  In version 2021, the error still occurs but the program does not always crash. 


A crash occurs without ANY warning or error message if you LAYISO your annotative stuff and select them with a window that includes anything on one or more locked layers.  As soon as you click OK in the Add/Remove dialog, the program disappears.  Apparently the locked layers are not programmed for.


In all cases where the program crashes, you lose work back to the last autosave at least and maybe back to the last hard save.


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What part didn't work?  Did you manage to remove the unwanted annotation scales?


ANNOAUTOSCALE is '0' now, but what was it earlier?  Do you have the toggles shown here on your task bar?  If so, accidentally hitting the one for ANNOAUTOSCALE will toggle it on and off.  Maybe that has happened more than once.

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