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Reactor Question: ESC to end command


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So I have a 'bad' tendency to use the ESC key instead of the space bar to end a command.  Now that I am starting to use reactors this will likely become a problem, and rather than changing my behavior I'd like to bend my program to my will.  Currently one of my reactors changes the color of text in a dimension and the other strips xdata from copied geometry, except, of course, when I use the escape key -- even though the dimension text was modified or object copied.  Can anyone recommend a work around?  Should I call a different reactor event?


These are the 2 relevant dimension modification functions (the copy functions are similar enough).

(defun wp:dimtext:modify:callback (owner reactor params / data)
	(if (not (member (setq data (list owner reactor)) {wp:data}))
		(setq {wp:data} (cons data {wp:data}))
	(vlr-command-reactor (list wp:app)
			(cons :vlr-commandended 'wp:dimtext:modify)
			(cons :vlr-commandcancelled 'wp:dimtext:modify:commandcancelled)
			(cons :vlr-commandfailed 'wp:dimtext:modify:commandcancelled)
	(vlr-remove reactor)

(defun wp:dimtext:modify:commandcancelled (reactor params / data) 
	(vlr-remove reactor)
	(if (and
			(listp {wp:data})
			(setq data (car {wp:data}))
		(vlr-add (cadr data))
	(setq {wp:data} (cdr {wp:data}))


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