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Align multipe Dimension text by changing text propreties coordinates


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I'm looking to find a way to align multiple dimension text. The reason is that I'm using the Viewport and some dimensions are invisible. Attached are a drawing explaining what I'm looking for. Actually I manually copied the coordinates in the properties and inserted them in the dimensions I wanted to change.

Is it possible, by using the text position X or Y coordinate, to modify by lisp the other dimensions?

Can somebody help me please.

Many thank





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If you don't mind drawing a temporary line, you can line them up very quickly.


I drew a vertical Xline through the Insertion point of the dimension that is in the right place. Then click on the other dims and drag them so that they are Perpendicular to the Xline. Then erase the Xline.



Line up dims.PNG

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Thank you for you replies, I know this solution but I'm looking for a lisp to automate this because I use model space so many time.

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Using Giles' lisp I noticed that the dimension lines also change place, which doesn't suit me too well. (see attache image)

Is there a solution so that the lisp doesn't do this? (see attached lisp)



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