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Select everything outside closed polyline


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Hi All,

Just wondering if there is a lisp that will help select everything outside a closed polyline, excluding items that might intersect on the boundary of the closed polyline. I know there is various lisps for selecting all objects inside a closed polyline boundary out there, but I haven't found one that does the above.


Are you able to assist?


Thank you

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On 5/4/2022 at 9:32 PM, Steven P said:

This might be what you want: OCS command of outside Polyline




Hi Steven, 

Thanks for this. I appreciate it, I have had this OCS a while ago and used it, and also remember having to comment out the line for making it work for some reason.

Just a background why I do this, is  I use this concurrently with qselect command to filter out things outside a contour of a certain layer then apply certain line types on that layer, then move them to ultimate final layer which tries to imposes its own layer line type but can't since it is overridden by line type I have done - which is my goal. It just takes a bit of repeated use if I want to do this on a number of different layers.

Thanks again 


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