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Load full project (.prj) in AutoCAD from vscode


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Hi there!

I've watched this tutorial and have a few questions:


1. how can I load the full project in the current drawing from Visual Studio Code? Currently, I'm able to only attach the currently opened lsp file and have to load the other manually, one by one.

In the visual lisp editor, there was a button to load all the files inside the project.

I have a big project divided into a few files that also load an opendcl interface and I need to load them all to debug the whole program or it will not work.


2. how can I compile in fas from vscode? Probably is not possible so I have to use the original visual lisp editor. But how can I load it now? The vlisp command starts the vscode and I don't know how to start the old editor.




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Partial answer for point 2:

you can switch back to the old vlisp editor by changing that variable: LISPSYS to 0 (1 for vscode) and reboot acad.

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Q1 If just for testing add (load "program 1")(load "program 2") etc into your current testing program.


(if (not AH:Butts)(load "Multi Radio buttons.lsp")) ; Looks for defun name.



Q2 You can make fas files using a lisp. So load into VS.


(defun comp ( )
(if (null vlisp-compile) (c:vlide T)) 
(setq fname (getfiled "Pick lisp to be compiled" "D:\\BIGAL\\cadac\\" "lsp" 8))
(setq len (strlen fname))
(setq diff (- len (+ 15 3)))
(setq fnameout (substr fname 15 diff))
(vlisp-compile 'st  fname  (strcat "d:\\BIGAL\\compiled\\" fnameout ".fas"))


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