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Standards Checker - How to get transparency to be checked for layers


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I use a dws file to check the standards of drawings.


It doesn't check for inconsistent transparency of layers.


Is there a way to check for this?


You'd think it would be part of the Layers plug-in built into ACAD.



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You could try contacting Autodesk but don't hold your breath for a response. Otherwise write your own check, need a file layer name and transparency. 

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I ran across and saved this article a while ago, Get and set layer and entity transparency using LISP - AutoCAD DevBlog


I do not recall testing it out though.


A little misleading with the checker claiming it checks names and properties.


Pre-standard checker days (and pre transparency?) when I worked where that was needed, we had LISPs, etc. to run through the drawings.


Hopefully I provided some help for you.

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Thanks, guys. So these plugs can be LISP files? Where are they stored? 


I think AD won't bother. But it's strange how it's left out. We have hatch layers that require transparency such as grass and windows to name a couple and it would be good to check them to ensure they are the same across the board.

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You can store them anywhere in a Support Path, load with acaddoc.lsp or manually. Use a Scripts and Batch to run on several drawings automagically.


See Lee Mac's sight for some instructions. How to Run an AutoLISP Program | Lee Mac Programming


An Introduction to Script Writing | Lee Mac Programming


Never hurts to try, make a post at Autodesk forums and contact them, if enough need improvements, it could happen.

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