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Redefine/Replace Block - Attributes Do Not Move???


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The lines are pointing to the insertion point of the blocks (4 different ones)



I want to replace these blocks with this block
The line points to the insertion point (Center)



After a Replace Block command for each block this is the result



I made these blocks from scratch just for this illustration so there is nothing "magical" about them.

The block geometry moved to the new insertion point but the attributes did not move in any of the instances.


How can I get the attributes to move the the "correct" location in relationship to the geometry?

If I edit any of the blocks, the block shows the attribute in the center of each circle (desired location)


I have to manually move each attribute for each instance.





Is this simply the way it works or can I get the desired result?

Can someone explain the procedure to automatically make this right?






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If I understand the issue correctly, you used Replace Block on multiple blocks, which put the linework in the proper places but left the attributes in their original locations. Apparently the Replace Block function that comes with AutoCAD is very old and doesn't handle things like annotation or dynamic parameters.


Without knowing what's in the blocks, the only thing I can suggest is to use ATTSYNC. That will put the attributes back in their defined spots. I guess Replace Block doesn't understand attributes either.

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