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Need Human Models for SolidWORKS

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Does any one know where to get "free" human erogonomic models for SolidWORKS. Perhaps and Man and a Woman. Similar types would be the Body Work - Human Engineering Model and the Pro/Engineer - Manikin.


I have already check and use models off the 3D Content Central.



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Any files types that could be imported to SolidWORKS.


.sldasm, IGUS or STEP etc.


I would even try a generic version of the Pro/E manikin.

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sorry, the only software i know of that has human models built in is unigraphics. They are there for human factors setups like hpoint when designing seats etc. I know years ago i had an old version of 3ds max and it had two human models in it.

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We used a 3d package for piping in my last job and what they ended

up doing was creating a 6'-0" worker using basic primitives.

Cylinders, spheres and such just so they could show proportion

of a "standard" worker in the environment.


If you end up having to create something from scratch...

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There are some solidworks human figure models over at Turbosquid http://www.turbosquid.com They come in a bunch of different cad formats. They are not free, but the price is very good for what you get. I have both the male and female figures and they work great. They look more realistic than some of the other solidworks figures I have seen. Here is a direct link http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Index.cfm?keyword=solidworks+human&x=0&y=0

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I know the models on this website are not free, but in case you're looking for a better models that based on anthropometrically validated data sets I can really recommend this website: www.3dhumanmodel.com. 50 euros for such a model really isn't that much, is it?


I hope it helps!








The website provides the biggest collection available on the web of fully poseable human models that are based on real anthropometric data. You can choose from a large number of different ethnicities, age groups and gender so you can use the models not only to demonstrate your designs, but also to validate the design itself.

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Great information send,sorry i can not afford it because me income is not too much that's why but i have interesting in it to do work at these type of models...but sorry

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