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adding text issue and exporting to excel

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Iam a beginner in autocad

i have two questions first is i want to add the co-ordinates to the blue grid starting with which is located at the red point

(1000,500) to be written on the drawing

the second question is i want to export theses co ordinates to excel spread sheet with the elevation of each point which is taken from the contour lines

i know that this forum is the best

would any one help me

lay out.zip

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No way do do this in plain AutoCAD. Like your other request for creating TINs, this can be done using a survey software. The usual approach is to first use the contours to create a surface (such as via a TIN). It may be possible to create a lisp routine to interpolate a point elevation from the 2 enclosing contours but it would be quite an exercise and not as accurate as using a software package. Did you check out www.sitetopo.com, you may be able to create TIN's with this from contours. But still a leap to get points written to a grid.

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